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Hi There I want to share my love of printmaking with you 🙂

Gyotaku – The Art of Printing Fish

Gyotaku is a very unique form of printmaking which developed from a very practical need. Nearly 200 years ago in Japan, it is believed that fishermen developed gyotaku or "fish rubbing" as a method of recording a catch. I'm not sure about this romantic origin story,...

Which Lino Is Best for Linocut Printmaking?

Which Lino Is Best for Linocut Printmaking?

It might seem like a bit of a boring post, but I often find myself having the same conversation about lino. I’ll say that I’m a printmaker, and that I specialise in relief printmaking with Woodcut and Linocut techniques. I’ll get the response – “Oh yes, I tried that a couple of years ago and it was awful. I couldn’t cut it properly and I thought it looked so easy.” I then take awhile to explain what might have been the problems. It saddens me that people get put off so easily.

Buy a Printing Press for Under £100

Buy a Printing Press for Under £100

Following on from my recent post on my purchase of an Adana 5 x 3 small printing press, I thought you might be interested to know how I tracked it down. I’ll give you a list of resources, and an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Anyone Can Own a Printing Press

Anyone Can Own a Printing Press

A printing press need not be a cripplingly expensive 3 tonne piece of image making equipment. There are affordable, simple to operate and maintain presses on the market. I know there are because I just bought one and I'm going to fix it up just to show you how easy it...

Book Review – Angie Lewin – “Plants and Places”

I love books which are image heavy. If it's a book about or by an artist then I also like there to be lots of sketches and preparatory drawings as well as finished pieces. Angie Lewin's Book "Plants and Places", with text by Leslie Geddes-Brown, does not disappoint....

James Brown the Typographically Tittilating Printmaker

Great, simple down to earth prints is how I would describe James Brown's work. With clients such as The Guardian and Cath Kidston, and an early career working with Louis Vuitton and Levis you might expect Brown, the printmaking marvel, to have adopted some airs in his...

Tugboat Printshop – The Definition of Inspiration

One of the reasons I started this blog was to celebrate print as an art form and a skill, and to highlight inspirational printmakers from around the globe. Enter husband and wife team, Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, who have been printmaking together since 2006. They...

Monoprinting Video – Part 3 (Finally)

Woohoo! - finally got the music re-edited and here is the final part of the monoprinting series. As you may be able to tell, I am getting a little better at staying relaxed in front of the camera. Here are the instructions if you want to follow along with this. The...