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Woohoo! – finally got the music re-edited and here is the final part of the monoprinting series. As you may be able to tell, I am getting a little better at staying relaxed in front of the camera.

Here are the instructions if you want to follow along with this.

The Tools

Speedball water soluble ink
Cheap smooth paper
A brayer (roller)
A sketch you want to reproduce
A pencil or other pointy thing
Plexiglass, or other smooth (non-ruinable) surface

The Method

1. Roll out a smooth slab of ink as in the first video in this series.
2. Mark out a square of ink with the masking tape.
3. Take the image you want to reproduce and scan it and reverse the image in a graphics program – I use Photoshop.
4. Take your the copy and a fresh sheet of paper and sandwich the plain sheet between the ink slab and your image.
5. Trace over the image with the pencil (You can make a hinge if you like as I showed you in the first video)
6. Peel away both sheets of paper carefully.
7. You may want to try getting the inverted image from the slab by placing a fresh sheet of paper on to it and rubbing or rolling the back with a brayer, or your hand even.

Here are the links to the other two videos in the series;

Monoprinting – Part 1

Monoprinting – Part 2

If you’ve got any questions, drop me a line. Please do send me any images you make using these methods. It would be great to show some on the site.