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Gyotaku – The Art of Printing Fish

Gyotaku is a very unique form of printmaking which developed from a very practical need. Nearly 200 years ago in Japan, it is believed that fishermen developed gyotaku or "fish rubbing" as a method of recording a catch. I'm not sure about this romantic origin story,...
Just Print

Just Print

The Problem It is easy to think that there is too much to learn about a topic, or that so many people know so much more than you do. This was never more try than with printmaking. This is daunting to say the least. There are so many different printmaking techniques,...

Monoprinting Tutorial Video 2

This the second monoprinting tutorial video. The Tools 1. Masking tape. 2. Acrylic paint. 3. Acrylic silkscreen printing medium. 4. Paintbrush. 5. Brayer (roller). 6. Tissue or cloth to wipe out areas of the paint. 7. Standard copy paper or any paper with a smooth...

What Zorro can teach you about Printmaking

What Zorro can teach you about Printmaking

When I was 8 I lived for Saturday mornings when they would (for some unknown reason) play re-runs of the 50's black and white TV show "Zorro" and I would jump up and down on the sofa as Guy Williams played the masked hero. What has this got to do with printmaking?...

Monoprinting Tutorial Video 1

Here's the first Monoprinting video tutorial, as promised. I'll give instructions here so you can follow along with the video if you like. Instructions 1. The tools you will need to follow along are are; brayers (rollers), inks, nitrile gloves, Somerset Velvet Antique...

Monoprinting – An Introduction

Monoprinting – An Introduction

Monoprinting is a great introduction to printmaking. The process of making monotypes (the term for a single monoprint) is a simple one and can be easily accomplished in a home setting with a limited number of cheap and readily available tools. What is Monoprinting? As...

Welcome to Printmaking Arts

Hi thanks for dropping by. Here is a welcome video which I hope gives you an idea what Printmaking Arts is all about. If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop me a line or comment on this post.